Grantpak provides comprehensive air conditioner repair and maintenance services.

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In addition to repairs, Grantpak Air also provides cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioning systems. For your convenience, we can also provide regular scheduled maintenance.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner Unit

To get the most out of your air conditioner, regular maintenance is required. Over time an air conditioner that is not maintained, will decline in performance, requiring more energy to function at the same level. Some of this maintenance can be done yourself, with more extensive maintenance requiring a professional technician.

Here are a few tips for the maintenance of your air conditioning unit

Regular cleaning of your filters

A very simple and effective way to help optimise your air conditioner’s effectiveness, is through regular cleaning of the outer dust filter. Monthly cleaning of this filter can lower annual energy consumption by 5-15% versus an uncleaned filter.

Keep outdoor condenser units clear of obstructions

Try and minimise the build-up of dirt, leave litter and plant growth near your outdoor units. Allowing adequate, unobstructed airflow around the condenser, will enable it to operate at its best. Creating at least half a metre clearance to the front and sides of the unit is recommended by most manufacturers.

Get professional maintenance, twice a year

For the longevity and efficiency of your air conditioning unit, professional maintenance is highly recommended. A typical maintenance visit will include the following items.

  • Check the refrigerant levels in the unit and top up if necessary
  • Ensure there is no refrigerant leaking, by testing with a leak detector
  • Check all seals, and for ducted systems, ensure there is no leakage in the duct seals.
  • Test to ensure there is adequate airflow through the evaporator coil
  • Verify that all control sequences are operating correctly
  • Inspect electric terminals, clean and tighten connections, and apply a non-conductive coating if necessary
  • Check belts for tightness and wear.
  • Check the accuracy of temperature control via the thermostat.


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